Berjaya Philippines Inc. Company Policies

Whistle-blowing Policy
The Corporation has an established whistle-blowing policy aimed to call the attention of Management to any suspected
wrongdoing which is contrary to the principles of the Code of Ethics and violations of the Corporation's rules and regulations.

Conflict of Interest Policy
Directors, Officers and Employees are required to disclose the extent of their business interests in order to determine any
possible conflicts of interest. Consistent with the Corporation's outlook ad approach on employee discipline, the Corporation
lays the accountability in the hands of the officers and employees to disclose possible conflicts of interest.

Insider Trading Policy
The Directors, Officers and Employees of Berjaya Philippines Incorporated (the "Company") should exercise extreme caution
when dealing in the Company's securities and ensure that such dealings comply with this policy and the requirements under
the Securities Regulation Code ("SRC").

Related Party Transaction Policy
All related party transactions must be done on an arms length basis to safeguard the interests of the Corporation as well as
the minority shareholders and other stakeholders.

Policy and Data Relating to Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees Including company sponsored trainings
The Corporation provides comprehensive health care service directed at prevention of disease protection from health hazards
and maintenance of health.




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