BERJAYA Philippines Brings Light to School Children

Story and Photos by Leo Laca

The SOLAR-POWERED CLASSROOM PROJECT was funded by BERJAYA PHILIPPINES to be able to generate electricity for the benefit of the 780 pupils of its eight classrooms. From left to right are Mr. Diosdado Medina, OIC-Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, Ms. Winnie Manansala, Berjaya Philippines Financial Controller, Mr. Tan Eng Hwa, Berjaya Philippines Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Jennifer Placente, School Principal, and Ms. Flordelisa Pereyra, Assistant Schools Division

Education changes a child’s life.  It is the foundation on which every individual grows their knowledge transforming it into meaningful ways of adapting to the world.
PANGARAP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Caloocan City is a public elementary school of about 3,000 pupils that is located 24 kilometers north of Manila.  Due to a land ownership dispute, the power distribution company is barred from installing them with electricity, thus, the school classrooms can only rely on available sunlight that penetrates the jalousie windows of each classroom.  “Our school needs electric power and water supply. We are thankful that Berjaya sponsored in installing the solar panels to light up some of our classrooms,” a very appreciative statement the school Principal, Ms. Jennifer Placente, said to Mr. Tan Eng Hwa when he visited the school to hand over the donation amounting to  P 127,500 (RM10,562)

The donation financed the “Solar-powered Classroom Project” of the school which aims to generate electricity and ventilation for its 8-classroom building that will benefit about 780-grade school pupils.

Solar power is the conversion of renewable energy from sunlight into electricity. Due to its geographical location, the Philippines is an  excellent site for increased integration of solar energy for a much cheaper and economical option for electric power. electric power.

Samantha Althea Reglos is a Grade 5 pupil who describes the learning experience before and after the state of their classrooms when electricity have become available, “Mas maliwanag na po nung may ilaw na tsaka hindi na mainit kasi may electric fan na. Salamat po sa Berjaya kasi meron na kaming kuryente sa school at makapag-aaral na kaming mabuti. (It is much better now with the lights on and it is no longer warm because the electric fans are working. Thank you to Berjaya because we now have electricity and we can concentrate on our studies.”

“We in Berjaya Philippines responded to the call of the Department of Education for the private sector’s participation in uplifting the public education. With Pangarap Elementary School utilizing our donation to install solar panels to lighten up the classrooms and make the electric fans work we are hoping that the plight of the pupils here will be easier to manage so they can concentrate on giving their best in their studies,” Mr. Tan’s remark during the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement and handover of the fund donation.
BEFORE and AFTER. The many years of suffering of pupils due to dim classrooms and without an electric fan ventilation were resolved in a matter of one week after Berjaya Philippines funded the Solar-Powered Classroom Project at Pangarap Elementary School.

This latest project of BERJAYA PHILIPPINES is an example of its commitment to environmental and social sustainability advocating the use of renewable energy and recognizing the importance of education in the realization of children’s rights to quality education.