Health and Wellness Awareness

Aimed to spread awareness on health and wellness, Philippine Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC) invited MEDICard, the company’s health care provider, to conduct a lecture on health information, general causes and prevention on the topic illness – cancer.

In attendance are the officers and staff of PGMC led by its Vice President, Tan Eng Hwa. Doing the lecture about cancer is Dr. Dennis Macalinao, MD. It was mentioned that cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world today. In the Philippines, cancer is the fourth leading cause of death among Filipinos. It is developed when the body cells grow into cancer, making it difficult for the immune system to eliminate. The risk of developing cancer is due to what we eat, how much we exercise, and how well we deal with stress. The lecture specifically expounded about breast, prostate and colon cancer, their risk factors, how to lower the risk and the latest modalities of treatment.


Dr. Macalinao explained that cancer is preventable and taught the staff of the various screening and assessments on how to detect the disease. With simple lifestyle changes, keeping track of what we eat or drink, continuing healthy habits and setting up a good mental attitude are just simple ways to keep a healthy lifestyle.


In a short message to the staff, Mr. Tan Eng Hwa stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by dedicating to have good eating habits and the importance of exercise. He further said that PGMC is a company where the staff not only work but is a partner in having a balanced work-life that is why lectures such as this are being conducted including provisions for the staff to have sports and leisure activities.