BE a Hero to Someone in Need

At some point we will encounter a family member, co-worker, friend, neighbor, or even our own self who needs a blood transfusion. From natural disasters to unforeseen accidents, emergency hospital procedures to life-long battles with chronic diseases, the demand for blood is constant while the supply is not. And since there is no substitute, only volunteer blood donors can roll up their sleeves and save lives.

BERJAYA Group Philippines is very much aware that blood donors are considered as modern heroes who care enough and share their blood and time in order to save another person’s life.


For the third time in cooperation with the Philippine Blood Center (PBC), an attached agency of the Department of Health (DOH), a bloodletting activity was held on 3rd September 2018 at Berjaya Makati Hotel participated in by officers and staff of subsidiary and affiliate companies – Philippine Gaming Management Corporation (PGMC), Perdana Hotel Philippines Inc., Berjaya Pizza Philippines Inc., Ssangyong Berjaya Motors Philippines Inc., and Bermaz Auto Philippines Inc. Constant support and encouragement is provided by the presence of Berjaya Philippines Executive Director, Mr. Tan Eng Hwa and other senior management officers of aforementioned companies. “I am deeply moved by the volunteerism by our staff, some are first-time donors while I can see some who are present in the three times we held this kind of CSR. Through this bloodletting effort that Berjaya Philippines conduct we hope we can be able to promote blood donation and save lives,” exclaimed Mr. Tan.

There were a total of thirty-four successful blood bags collected from among fifty-five people who volunteered to donate.


There are certain conditions that prevent a person from donating blood. Among the temporary conditions is pregnancy, fever, recent alcoholic intake, ear or body piercing or tattooing, recent surgery. Persons with the following conditions are not allowed to donate blood anytime: cancer, cardiac disease, lung disease, Hepatitis B and C, HIV infection, AIDS or sexually transmitted disease, unexplained weight loss of more than 5 kg for the last 6 months, and chronic alcoholism.

For a whole blood donation, approximately 1 pint or 500 milliliters is collected. The minimum interval between donations is 12 weeks or 3 months.

Berjaya Makati Hotel’s Finance controller, Azhar Bin Mahmood who is a Malaysian national said, “Living in another country is not an excuse to be a donor, people need blood everywhere. With this activity I hope I can help those who are in need.”

Heroes come in all types. For the corporate social responsibility such as bloodletting, each staff who comes forward to be a volunteer donor surely becomes a life saver.