BERJAYA’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Berjaya Philippines President Mr. Tan Eng Hwa (left) and FEC Business Development Manager Ms. Nercia Javier (right) planting a fire tree sapling at FEC Enviro Park.

Story and Photos by Leo Laca

As part of Berjaya Philippines’ steady commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, FLORIDABLANCA Enviro Corporation (FEC), a subsidiary company of Berjaya Philippines, on 9 November 2023 conducted a tree-planting activity in FEC Enviro Park in Barangay Pabanlag, Floridablanca in the province of Pampanga. The team headed by Berjaya Philippines President Mr. Tan Eng Hwa along with the officers and staff of FEC planted Fire Trees (Delonix Regia) saplings in the vicinity of its sanitary landfill project in the said area.

Mindful that the sustainability of its business is linked to the sustainability of the environment, FEC developed a world-class engineered sanitary landfill facility to cater to and provide a long-term solution for Pampanga and its nearby provinces for their waste disposal.

To ensure compliance with the strictest standards of the government agencies in safeguarding the environment, FEC has designated “green parks” in its 91-hectare property ensuring that the Enviro Park remains as green as possible.

“Our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles are at the core of our operations in all the Berjaya Philippines companies.

 We are guided by the philosophy of ‘Giving Back’ to the community which highlights equitable success for all stakeholders and harmonious co-existence with the environment.” Berjaya Philippines President Mr. Tan Eng Hwa further said, “We help to grow our future.”